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Results It’s gratifying to teach people how to care for our shared environment.


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A seminar on relationship and communication
Date: Seminar projected for Fall 2017

The problem today is children of “modern society” get just 4% of the deep relational contact our species has grown accustomed to in tribal and clan societies. This leaves us with a trust deficit both inside ourselves and with each other. We want to share with you three ways to address this problem: 1) A playful way to bond with others 2) How to use voice to connect with peers 3) Help you discern trust and personal safety.

Agency for Earth Talks and Seminars on the Subject of Inner Sustainability
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All Agency for Earth (AFE) talks and seminars provide a combination of ancient wisdom, indigenous knowledge and the latest neuroscience. Each seminar will help you change the way you relate with yourself, other people and Mother Earth. AFE seminars speak to the functional unity of body / mind / soul and our connection with nature.

Flier: Talking Points on Standing Rock and Fracking
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Join the movement to stop fracking in its tracks and speak out on one of the lead issues of our day. Help move us away from the destructive ways in which we fuel our society.



5 Ways to Enliven Your Message

Let us INSPIRE You
5 Ways to Enliven Your Message

5 Ways to Enliven Your Message

Let us INSPIRE You 5 Ways to Enliven Your Message



Engage • Inform • Inspire



Here’s what people say about our work on environmental and socially responsible projects.

quote-mark Jeffrey and Laurie are my choice for high-end design and outreach work. They created numerous marketing pieces for us that work on many levels—good looks, good message and timely service and results.

— Lesli Daniel, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency
quote-mark Jeffrey helped me greatly in promoting the important work I do for the Cambodian people. Jeffrey had ideas I never thought of—he’s a genius.

— Doug Mendel, The Douglas Mendel Cambodian Relief Fund
quote-mark Jeffrey is excellent at coordinating input from a committee, taking ideas and comments from a variety of sources and making it work in the final product. He made our process simple, enjoyable and attainable.

— Sharron Bowen Environmental Services Department, City of Hayward
quote-mark Laurie and Jeffrey have been Bushtracks Expeditions “virtual marketing department”… and it is with great confidence that we offer our recommendations of their creative services.

— Carolyn and David Tett, Owners Bushtracks Expeditions

quote-mark We wanted to produce a document that captured the energy and creativity generated in a series of public workshops. Jeffrey did just that. The Creek Dreams booklet he created is incredibly beautiful, and has played a critical role in drawing more attention, volunteers, and funding to the project.

— Sheri Emerson, Environmental Specialist City of Santa Rosa
quote-mark We wanted to engage the public and Jeffrey and Laurie gave us exactly what we needed. Your team facilitated a fabulous stakeholder process that netted us such a successful branding that we even created a life size mascot: Bilgee! The Bilgee campaign has been an instrumental part of our work with local counties to reduce the amount of oil in our lakes and rivers. Thank you for your professionalism and creativity.

— Kirsten Liske, Ecology Action VP Pollution Prevention Programs
quote-mark Working with Jeff and Laurie is easy, fun and very productive. Everyone who sees our calendar is impressed with its beauty, and somehow it seems to get better each year. I would recommend them to anyone in need of design services.

— Holly Guier, Hazardous Materials Specialist City of Newark
quote-mark I really do think your work was wonderful, from the very beginning with conceptualizing the ideas and putting them in graphics form, to the minute nuances and details… I’m looking at and enjoying them every day and they really are gorgeous! Everyone else thinks so too!

— Jenny Blaker, Cotati Creek Critters Outreach Coordinator

About Us


Our mission is to expand awareness of the interdependency of all living things; to help humans understand how their daily actions impact our planet and our lives.

7 Key Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Communication Partner


Jeffrey Schmidt Agency for Earth

Jeffrey Schmidt
Founder, Chief Content Developer
& Marketing Strategist

Caring for the planet is caring for ourselves. Jeffrey is passionate about environmental awareness. He sees the need to feed and fuel our society in ways that are life affirming, not life destroying.

Eco education is a critical piece to this puzzle to help people create new personal habits and adopt innovative technologies designed to work within natural systems.

Jeffrey has been a communications and marketing professional for 30 years. He can help you reach your target audience in ways that are powerful and inspiring. He creates compelling eco-ed campaigns to help people understand our connection with the natural world.

Laurie Binder Agency for Earth

Laurie Binder
Founder & Designer

Laurie’s favorite work has been for environmental outreach programs because she is a naturalist at heart. She is a big advocate of Biomimicry 3.8—Nature as a model, measure and mentor.

She has designed for all types of applications: complete identity programs, packaging, newspaper and magazine ads, books, brochures, websites, trade show booths, t-shirts, posters, signage, educational outreach campaigns and even a horse jump.

Her designer’s eye unites words and imagery into simple, beautiful, and impactful layouts.

Dan Kerbein Agency for Earth

Dan Kerbein
Project Manager

Dan has been an active member in the Sierra Club for more than ten years and is Chair of the Sonoma Group. His high-profile advocacy spans a variety of mediums: one-on-one outreach, public talks, social media, broadcast radio and Podcasts.

Dan hosted the environmental interview program “ShiftShapers,” on bilingual radio KBBF-FM 89.1 for four years. He also hosted two spinoffs: “Formadores de Cambio” (Shapers of Change), and “Viviendo Verde Ya” (Living Green Now). His “ShiftShapers” podcast attracted more than 50,000 listeners.

Dan brings a mix of environmental insight, creative flair and cultural awareness to the AFE team.

Tim Smith Agency for Earth

Tim Smith
Communications Strategist

Tim is passionate about balancing business profitability with our global need for a sustainable environment. Tim worked with Green Energy Money, a start-up dedicated to improving the environment by providing financial and funding resources to the real estate industry.

Tim Smith is a marketing strategist and communications specialist with over 30 years of management experience in media, advertising agencies and corporate marketing.

In his former position, he served as National Marketing Director for Harland-Clarke, where his duties included product development, corporate communications and management of national marketing for the credit union industry.

Diana Concoff Morgan Agency for Earth

Diana Concoff Morgan
Social Media Manager

Prior to developing expertise in social media, Diana was in the business of uniting people in wedlock. Her non-denominational ministry business thrived but she was drawn to connecting people via social media.

Among Diana’s many talents is the ability to coach people on the fine points of communicating via social networks. She is an expert at campaign planning and educating people so they feel comfortable with their new communication tools. Diana designs, develops and also carries out entire campaigns for clients who simply do not have the time to spend on social media.

Sue Sawyer Agendy for Earth

Sue Sawyer
Media Relations

Sue connects with nature hiking the hills of Sonoma County and training her horse Ojesso. The two share the bond of dressage, a competitive sport known as “the highest possible expression of horse training.”

She is a communications expert with decades of experience. Sue was Vice-President, Media Relations at Virgin Records during the label’s heyday, guiding the careers of artists such as Janet Jackson, and held the same title Hollywood Records, a Disney company. She was responsible for all aspects of corporate communications for both labels.

She’s excited about using her expertise to further causes she believes in.

Jacob Agency for Earth

Jacob Ganzler
Web Designer and Developer

For the last two decades Jacob has created communication materials that are both impactful and easy to understand. He has worked on intensive, integrated web and print projects for large corporate clients such as Google, HP, and University of California at Santa Cruz.

Along with his project management skills, Jacob has broad knowledge of web design and development, e-commerce, social media, information navigation and branding.

He is the author of several ebooks on these topics. Jacob is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and an avid hiker.

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