A time for healing nature

A Time for Heart in Healing Nature

The solution to healing nature is not in the halls of power but in the power of heart. Many will think this statement is figurative, perhaps poetic, but not at all literal. This is not the case.

The human heart generates an electrical field that measures 60 times greater than our brain with a magnetic field 5,000 times more powerful. Songwriters talk about our ability to “feel the vibrations” and this is measurably true. *

When heart cells are placed on a Petri dish some distance apart they vibrate individually. At a certain point when they are brought closer together they begin to vibrate synchronously. In the same way we must use the power of heart so that others can feel and resonate with our love for nature. This goes under the level of mind and words, which so often can become mired in ambition, anger and angst.

This is a message for those who have reverence for our environment, who know we need nature more than she needs us, and who respect all living things on our planet. We need to bring our hearts closer to those who regard life as simply a means to get more power and money.

First, we must prepare our hearts.

As the halls of power pay little or no heed to healing nature, disrespecting the very biological systems that keep us alive, our best resource for change is our own connection to nature deep within us.

We need to develop heart skills so we can direct our magnetic power with full force. The more people who learn to use heart as a tool for Mother Nature the better.

If you need help in preparing your heart and formulating plans for expressing yourself in ways that are safe and effective, consider coming to an Agency for Earth webinar.  You’ll find resources to help you connect with nature on the inside that will help you reach others in an effort to heal Mother Nature.


* Source: HeartMath.com

Jeffrey SchmidtA Time for Heart in Healing Nature