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Three Questions every Eco-Leader Must Ask

1) How long before we push nature too far? This is THE question of our time. Even though it’s not possible for us to know the answer, it is critical to ask the question. Here’s an insightful way to re-formulate this question from a mathematical perspective: “Is climate change (and worldwide pollution) a function of exponential mathematics?” There is near …

Jeffrey SchmidtThree Questions every Eco-Leader Must Ask
Climate chagne growth curve smae as population

The Dire Mathematics of Climate Change

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” — Albert Einstein Compound interest epitomizes the exponential function. According to Physicist Albert Bartlett the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the simple mathematics inherent in this powerful notion. Why? Because the exponential function is essential to understanding the threats that are inherent to a society …

Jeffrey SchmidtThe Dire Mathematics of Climate Change

Go beyond eco-education programs

Eco-education is a vital stepping stone in the process of getting people to change what they do, not just how they think. If people don’t know how to go about making a more sustainable world what chance do we have of creating one? But just informing people, and expecting them to change behaviors, is not realistic. The literature on the …

Jeffrey SchmidtGo beyond eco-education programs
GMO corn

Why I Avoid GMOs

Three reasons: Human health The health of our soil and environment The parallel between Big-Pharma and the GMO industry Human health Many people will be shocked to learn that up until the study led by molecular biologist Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen in 2012, no other study sought to examine the long-term (chronic) effects of eating GMOs. …

Jeffrey SchmidtWhy I Avoid GMOs

Our Logo: The Dragonfly

Nature surrounds us with myriad examples of great beauty, resilience, and capacity for adaptation. The dragonfly is one such marvel. Spot a dragonfly and we are filled with wonder and awe at its grace, beauty, and agile flight. Agency for Earth has chosen the dragonfly as our emissary to inspire eco-awareness and motivate people to care for our home, the …

Laurie BinderOur Logo: The Dragonfly