A time for healing nature

A Time for Heart in Healing Nature

The solution to healing nature is not in the halls of power but in the power of heart. Many will think this statement is figurative, perhaps poetic, but not at all literal. This is not the case. The human heart generates an electrical field that measures 60 times greater than our brain with a magnetic field 5,000 times more powerful. …

Jeffrey SchmidtA Time for Heart in Healing Nature

Trusting Gut Instincts

I was raised in the heartland of America: Illinois. As I grew up I heard the phrase “you have to trust your gut” on many occasions. It was not like I heard the phrase “Trusting Gut Instincts” a million times, but this notion was a constant in my upbringing, like the mouthwatering taste of fresh sweet corn, it was quietly …

Jeffrey SchmidtTrusting Gut Instincts

Eco-connection Seminar

Agency for Earth Seminar Our Biggest Environmental Problem is Disconnection from our Inner Nature If you want to know how we humans care for ourselves, just look at how we treat the environment. We show a staggering disregard for biological systems and our own intrinsic nature. In the words of neuroscientist and author Dr. Bruce Perry* our society is “biologically …

Jeffrey SchmidtEco-connection Seminar
why we treat the environment poorly

Why we treat the environment poorly

Why do we treat the environment with such callous disregard? It seems like we are daring Mother Nature to slap us back and teach us a lesson — this is just now starting to happen. The answer to why we treat the environment poorly parallels how we care for ourselves. It lies in the adverse experiences of our upbringing, both …

Jeffrey SchmidtWhy we treat the environment poorly

Who’s Visiting the Habitat Garden?

It’s late October in Northern California and most of the garden is at rest. I’m catching the last rays of the day. Above me wispy clouds twirling and beside me birds chirping. It‘s lovely to just pause, be outside and see who’s visiting the garden. The delta sunflowers, tall totems of cheer, extend wide arms for the small yellow finches to land and …

Jeffrey SchmidtWho’s Visiting the Habitat Garden?

Community-Based Social Marketing: A Scientific Approach to Behavior Change

It’s still pretty common to see public agencies rely almost entirely on advertising, information and education campaigns in an effort to encourage the public to adopt new sustainable practices. It would be nice if we could just pepper the public with flyers and sound bites, then watch the results come in. A vast amount of evidence, however, shows that behavior …

Jeffrey SchmidtCommunity-Based Social Marketing: A Scientific Approach to Behavior Change