Our Logo: The Dragonfly

Nature surrounds us with myriad examples of great beauty, resilience, and capacity for adaptation. The dragonfly is one such marvel.

Spot a dragonfly and we are filled with wonder and awe at its grace, beauty, and agile flight. Agency for Earth has chosen the dragonfly as our emissary to inspire eco-awareness and motivate people to care for our home, the Earth.

Why we choose the dragonfly

  • Dragonflies date back 300 millions years (some species existed before dinosaurs). Fossils show dragonflies from this period with wingspans of 2 feet or more.
  • Dragonflies inhabit water, land and air.
  • They are strong bio-indicators of the health of an environment — take a deep breathe and smile if you have them in your neighborhood.
  • Dragonflies have amazing eyes seeing visual fields of almost 360 degrees.
  • About 5,900 different species of dragonflies are known in the world today.
  • Dragonflies are found all over the world and instill a sense of wonder.

The dragonfly as a symbol

Dragonflies are symbols of change and transformation, deep seeing, lightness of being, and of have great beauty with their colorful wings and bodies. Our logo’s message is “Never underestimate small acts.”

As ecosystems change more rapidly over time our mission is clear. As a creative communication company our goal is to expand awareness of the interdependency of all living things and to help humans understand how their daily actions impact our planet and our lives.

About the Author

Laurie Binder

Laurie Binder is a graphic designer at Agency for Earth, inspiring environmental awareness through eco-education. You can contact Laurie at laurie@agencyforearth.com.

Laurie BinderOur Logo: The Dragonfly